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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Favorite Wines

Here's a sampling of some wine bloggers' favorites. For more, visit the Alawine.com "Wine Blog Search Engine" and enter "favorite."

Te Mata ‘Bullnose’ Syrah 2004 Hawkes Bay
This is one of my favorite wines, I have tasted a few vintages now back to 1996 and they have all been pretty good; the 04 very much in this tradition and pretty bloody brilliant although still very, very tight as it is obviously designed/made to last a wee while.


WTN: Osprey's Dominion 2002 Blush de Noir (North Fork of Long Island)
But, they also make some of my favorite red wines on the other end of their portfolio.


Australian Shiraz Overkill?
Simply type the URL of your favorite blog in your mobile browser. I really only learned about Shiraz a few years ago, and very soon, it was on my list of favorite wines.


Jim’s Springtime Gems
Two Southern French regional wines fill out this month’s selection, beginning with one of my favorite Rhone reds. Finally, from one of my favorite overall wines in our inventory, the 2004 Domaine l’Attilon Vin de Pays des Bouches du Rhone Marselan ($8.99) is a must buy and try.


Tasting Bar Schedule for March, 2007
Mulan Chan, Nadia Dmytriw and Chip Hammack update us on their favorite reds and whites from regions in the South of France.


2005 Paul Pernot
This domaine is always a favorite here at K


LENNDEVOURS and Wine Blogging Wednesday in the Baltimore Sun
The article, which ran in the paper's Ideas section, was written by Troy McCullough and it's a nice piece about everyone's favorite virtual wine tasting.


Benvenuto Brunello!
These wines should do well on restaurant wine lists and be a favorite of home consumers, too.


Trey’s Picks!
Last month was Chardonnay, so this month I thought I would write up a few of my favorite big reds.


Wines I’d Buy Again: Oregon Pinot noir
The groups favorite, though I originally had this toward the back of the pack.


Favorite 2003 Cali Cab under $50 you have tried?
Mark Squires' Bulletin Board on eRobertParker.com - Favorite 2003 Cali Cab under $50 you have tried?


Peterson Winery, Petite Sirah 2002
Petite Sirah is one of my favorite wine varieties and Peterson Winery is one of my favorite producers.


Drylands Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Matua and Villa Maria have been our favorite sauvignon blancs for a while, and we didn't think that anything could compete with them at that price range.


Staying Buyer's-Remorse-Free at Auction Tastings
2003 William Selyem Pinot Noir Westside Road Neighbors: My favorite of all the new wines we had.


Writer's Block Pinot Noir 2002
This is a fantastic, complex wine and our favorite pinot noir to date.


Quick taste of Warm Lake
The other bottle, whose name escapes me at the moment, consisted of their newest planting and was my favorite despite the vines only being 3 years old.


Vietti Barolo Lazzarito Tasting
This was my favorite wine but it’s all potential. In sum, these were some terrific


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Random Wine Blogs

So many wine blogs, so little time. Now there's an easy way to taste all of the varietals -- the Random Wine Blogs page at AlaWine.com. Each time you visit (or reload), you'll find a new tasting menu of wine blogs to sample. Enjoy.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Wine News Bits

How To Store And Care For Wine
Over the years, wine consumption has become more and more popular. With more and more money going into wine both as an investment and for later consumption, the history of the wine will always be important.

Women & Wine Creates First 'Trusted Source' Designation
Women & Wine (www.WomenWine.com) the lifestyle membership company that creates online and off-line experiences for lovers of wine, good food, travel and fine living, announces the launch of an award program to recognize wine retailers whose stores feature an atmosphere that appeals to both novice and experienced wine buyers.

Men 'Pretend To be Wine Buffs To Impress'
Almost one-in-four men try to impress friends or dates by pretending to be wine buffs, reveals a new survey.

Warming menaces Italian wine: Experts
A shift of a few degrees could change quality, Florence University study warns. A study by Florence University linking the effects of rain and temperature to wine production found that increasingly high temperatures and intense rains

White wine may be as good for your heart as red
Though previous research suggested that red wine offered cardiovascular benefits, a new study out of the University of Connecticut reveals that a nice Chardonnay may also do the trick. The previous misconception about white wine stemmed

Friday, February 23, 2007

"Open That Bottle Night" Uncorks Saturday

Open That Bottle Night, this Saturday, February 24th, marks the annual national night for uncorking that special bottle of wine that you’ve been hanging onto for that special time that hasn't seemed to come yet. It's the brain child of Wall Street Journal wine writers Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher, who solicit participant responses for a future report. The wine blogosphere has been relatively quiet on this, and frankly I'm surprised, missing a wine drinking, sharing event, especially one featuring "special" wines. Here's all the wine blogger and media buzz I could scare up on the OTBN:

Reminder: February 24 is OTBN
Have you already picked out your bottle to open Saturday night? Make it a nice one, an old one, a cold one, a longtime friend, a brand-new fling just be sure to open something special. You’ll be in good company. Read more about Open That Bottle Night . Open That Bottle ... Posted under: advice Posted on:


Tasting sized pours -- birth, death and dumb edition
OTBN turns 8: Saturday Feb 24 It's time to open that bottle this Saturday! John and Dottie told you to do it! Consider it a print-media equivalent of Wine Blogging Wednesday. [WSJ]


Open that bottle night (OTBN 7)
UPDATE 2/22/07: People have been landing here looking for OTBN 8 (vintage 2007) so I'll add that it is this Saturday, February 24.


VinUnici News Feb 2007 - Give Your Angel Wings!
The Wings Cab would be the perfect wine for OTBN (more about that later)!


OTBN : An American idea that makes sense
Some BYO restaurants in the US even waive corkage for OTBN.


OTBN - February 24, 2007
My tasting group does an OTBN every year, but we've never sent anything in. Generally, our tasting group is 4-6 buddies, but we often invite significant others to OTBN as a way to crack some great bottles and enjoy great food.


“Open That Bottle Night” is coming Feb 25.
or whatever, and they will in turn publish the stories they like the best. OTBN has had a tremendous...


9th Annual OTBN: Open the Bottle Night
As many of you are aware, February 24th will mark the 9th Annual Open the Bottle Night. This is the perfect opportunity for you to break open your new special bottle of Portuguese or Spanish wine that you’ve been carrying around with you from...


Taste: Sprucing up for wines night
For OTBN 5, Mr. Whaley, who is now a CPA, opened "the first bottle that got me interested in wine: a 1971 Mirassou Cabernet Sauvignon. This is why we invented OTBN, which is celebrated on the last Saturday of February every year.


Why Leave That Spacial Wine Corked?
OTBN, celebrated on the last Saturday of every February, gives connoisseurs a reason to scour their cellars for those untouchable bottles. ...


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Recent Recommendations

Here's a roundup of recent recommendations from wine bloggers. Visit the Alawine.com Wine Blog Search Engine and enter "recommend" for more.

Foris Gewurztraminer 2003
If you are new to Gewurz, try the Chateau Ste. Michelle, but if you want to try a new American one, we recommend this!


With the teeming market-fresh flavours shown above, I might recommend a vintage pink Champagne in particular, say, the Louis Roederer Brut Rosé 1999 but really anything goes.


Vertical Tasting of 1997-2005 Signature White Wines
The wine, though, is more intellectually satisfying than friendly at the moment, and we'd recommend that anyone with the patience lay it down for a couple of years to let the Roussanne round out to fill its mineral structure.


Georges DuBoeuf Beajolais Cru Julienas "Flower Label" 2005 Wine Review (NW)
I recommend Julienas, Morgon, and Moulin-A-Vent, which tend to be the most widely available.


2 from Bogle
If this ends up at TJs for $9.99 or less, I recommend it.


Rideau Vineyard
This all adds up to a great winery to include in your next tour of the Santa Ynez Valley, and I highly recommend it.


White, red and rosé: If you close your eyes, can you tell which is which?
I recommend something in the middle -- 12 degrees say -- so as not to give one side or the other too much trouble in naturally expressing its aroma-driven characteristics and acid levels.


Revisiting Linden Vineyards: Scrabble Anyone ?
an excellent job guiding us through this tour and I recommend readers visit Linden ’s site


Beating Back Burgundy Anxiety: 2000 Baron de la Charriere Volnay Santenots
If you are new to Burgundy, I recommend you check out this podcast from the American Wine Blog Award finalists at Grape Radio--even if you don't have a red Burgundy or pinot noir to sip with it.


Wines That Tip the Hedonimeter to “Eleven”
recommend spending a long weekend in Solvang, tasting the areas wines at Tastes of the Valleys wine...  hedonimeter hedonometrics hedonomists measuring happiness Wine


Winemaker? Want buzz? Engage your fellow wine blogger
As long as youre riding that prancing horse, I recommend you read what Ryan has to say.


Hillsborough Vineyards: A Gem of a Winery
at Hillsborough Vineyards I recommend readers visit Hillsborough Vineyards web site and check out...


For Best Performance, Wear Wool
This all led Sharon Begley, a WSJ writer who recently reported in on the subject, to recommend that readers leave Champagne flutes out prior to pouring so that stray fibers from guests' clothing can waft into them.


2003 Mano a Mano, Tempranillo, La Mancha
And if TJs did sell this wine, they would sell it for $7.99, in which case I would recommend it.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wine X Magazine Closing - the Early Buzz

Wine X, the wine magazine for Generation X has announced it's closing - amid some controversy. Here are some of the early news and views:

Wine EX: A Ground Breaker Goes
Wine X promised to deliver Generation X to wine marketers. With it's somewhat irreverent attitude yet deathly serious proposition that wine needs to be fun, it delivered that audience.Now Wine X Magazine is officially done...gone.


Why Wine X Died
Sure, this is a very traditional industry slow to catch onto online marketing or the targeting of demographic groups other than Baby Boomers but Wine X itself deserves much of the blame.


R.I.P.: Wine X Magazine
"New wines have been created, new wine divisions have been formed by large wine companies, all with the idea of targeting young adults. No word on whether or not the Wine X Website will continue to operate.


Wine X calls it a day
Wine X magazine, the eclectic, outrageous, confrontational wine magazine that started a year before Wine Press Northwest, has called it quits. I read such magazines as Wired and enjoyed the novels of Douglas Coupland (Generation X, Shampoo Planet, Girlfriend in a Coma, etc.), spent a lot of time online and enjoyed wine as a consumer, interested collector and budding writer.


Not Surprised That Wine X Magazine Folded
Darryl Roberts can point the finger, but Wine X Magazine fell apart because of its own arrogance, lack of integrity--they would not accept a story pitch on a client unless more Santa Barbara County wineries advertised in their magazine!!!!-- and their decidely unhip coverage of the wine industry. Wine X Magazine was often so dated, so off the mark, that anyone cool and 20-something would have laughed at it.


Is Wine X's Editor a Crybaby?
Is the wine industry often snobby, uppity, stuffy and old school? Given Wine X's target audience--younger, 'hipper' wine drinkers--why would they use the same ole delivery method that Wine Spectator uses for a vastly different--and more focused on--demographic?


Wine X Demise Blame on Wine Industry
Based in Santa Rosa, California, Wine X launched in 1997 as a hip alternative to the established wine press. Based in Santa Rosa, California, Wine X launched in 1997 as a hip alternative to the established wine press.


A Successful Millennial Wine Publication
Whatever the cause of Wine X ceasing publication is really not that interesting to me anymore so I started to think about what a successful wine publication would look like targeted at Millennials.


Blending Wine X Magazine
As I'm sure you've read by now, Wine X magazine is no more.


Wine industry to blame for Wine X demise: Darryl Roberts
Wine X Magazine, purveyor of fine wine knowledge to 20-somethings, is to close amid bitter accusastions that the wine industry's complacency killed the publication. Wine X also funded Wine Brats, a wine appreciation club aimed at 20-somethings that organised 'WineRaves' and had members in 31 cities.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Paraduxx Pleases

Over the weekend, we explored some never-visited wineries along Napa Valley's less traveled road, the Silverado Trail. The most interesting, wine-wise, was Paraduxx (with their "pair of ducks" motif), a part of the Duckhorn Wine Company. Housed in a relatively unassuming wine country "farm house," Paraduxx operates a trendy, techy tasting room. Tastings are supposed to be by appointment, but as Cori is "in the industry," Angela, our gracious hospitalier, graciously seated us for a vertical tasting of their zinfandel cabernet sauvignon blends.

Three stemless glass of wine were served on a tray, accompanied by their "culinary creations," i.e., fancy snacks consisting of small seasoned bread and almonds and some very tasty cheese. The three wines offered were the 2002, 2003, and 2004 Paraduxx Napa Valley Red Wines. All consisted of approximately 75% zinfandel and 25% cabernet sauvignon. As our tastes generally gravitate toward the lower parts of the red wine list, we approached with high expectations, and we weren't disappointed. The berry flavors were full and robust as you might expect, but I was immediately struck by an accompanying soft smoothness I didn't expect - all I could think of was purple velvet. The 2002 had 3% Merlot, the 2003 had 2% Merlot and 2% Cabernet Franc spicing thing up a bit, and the 2004 had 7% Merlot with a higher Cab Sav to Zin ratio.

Rounding out the tasting, we were served the 2004 Postmark, Rector Creek Vineyard (which surrounds the winery) - It was 62% Zin and 38% Cab Sav and was released just last week on Valentine's Day. A very nice wine too, but in the end, we decided to take home a bottle of the original 2004 release ($45). If you decide to visit, remember it's by appointment only (707) 945-0890, and $15 per person, or you can share as we did. All in all, Paraduxx brings out the best of both of two of our favorite varieties.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Interesting... Very Interesting...

Ever wonder what wine bloggers find interesting? Well, wonder no more! Just enter "interesting" into the AlaWine.com "Wine Blog Search Engine" and you'll find more than 200 wine blog postings. Here are a few examples, from the last few days - I hope you find them... um, er, you know... interesting:

Remembering and savouring Santa Rita Reserva 2003
It's interesting to think that that part of my wine education went the way of Chilean wines.


Clearly Syrah and Shriaz have traveled far from the Old World and it’s interesting to see the stylistic differences in the notes posted this month,” he stated, February 12th, 2007.


remoriquet 99 vosne malconsorts
The bar is now set and Im judging this wine to grand cru standards: The palate starts with a blast, wide interesting and complex - theres little fat.


Snakshot part deux: Après-poulet
Don't hesitate to provide me any free samples of interesting product you may have on hand from your New World travels!


Wines from Work: 2/12
The nose is smoky, with low fruit, but some interesting carob and bitter herb notes.


The entire package: Rosemount Estate Diamond Label 2004
The 2004 Shiraz wine bottle, though not as pretty as the newfangled one, does feature another interesting if somewhat odd physical feature: the flange-top.


Vinea Marson Nebbiolo 2005
On this showing it seems to be a wine that needs time to settle down; a bottle or two in the cellar would be an interesting exercise. I really like this wine and agree, it will be interesting watching it unfold.


But it is not just the New World at WineDirect - Spain with a list of 54 wines, Italy (187) and the regions of France (258) hold many interesting wines.


New Swedish (!) wine shop on Costa del Sol
The selection includes, of course, a lot of Spanish wines, but also many interesting wines from around the world!


Valentine's Thoughts and a Film Premiere
Should be interesting!


French Bubbles, Berry Pie, and a Queen Named Marie
But there were some interesting connections for the rest.


T.G.I.°F. = Warm Sicilian Winter
Don Antonio is a very interesting wine, it doesn’t scream out at you.


Beating Back Burgundy Anxiety: 2000 Baron de la Charriere Volnay Santenots
A blog dedicated to finding, drinking, and evaluating wines that are good value, interesting to drink, pair well with food, and are easy to find in the LA area--for (mostly) under $20. Flavors of cherries, fresh raspberries, rare roast beef, and a mineral twinge kept this wine interesting.


Dave Chambers Interviews Winemaker Lane Tanner
Today's blog entry is from a recent 45-minute interview with this colorful persona, as interesting as the wine she makes... He is SUCH an interesting man, he lived in castles where they kept snakes in the milk to keep it from curdling - there are just so many great stories.


Gifford Hirlinger Stateline Red - 2003
Last year I was given a gift of Gifford Hirlinger 2003 Stateline Red from the Walla Walla appellation. An interesting name for a wine. Where did it come from? Winemaker, Mike Berghan chose names, "Gifford Hirlinger" after two Walla Walla pioneers related to him.


2005 Vigna Del Gelso, Malbech, Venezie
This is interesting and drinkable at this price, though not remarkable, so I would buy one but hold off on buying a case.


Vertical Tasting of 1997-2005 Signature White Wines
The nose was a mixture of rubbing alcohol, hazelnut, and mint, interesting but not particularly enticing. The three oldest vintages provided interesting insight into the aging potential of Rhone whites, but all probably peaked at least a few years ago.


une boîte, s'il vous plaît
I came across an interesting article yesterday from Food Production Daily - Europe.


Couldn't Sleep
!) To make matters that bit more interesting they then stuck a further £8 for delivery on top - so now... Posted on:


TN: I'm glad I met ya'
A few years ago, this might have been really interesting.


Georges DuBoeuf Beajolais Cru Julienas "Flower Label" 2005 Wine Review (NW)
For an interesting comparison, grab and Nouveau and grab a Cru to compare side-by-side.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekend Reading: Wine News and Views

Are you ready for your nanotechnology engineered wine?
Are you ready for your programmable wine - maybe a pico-pinot or a nano-nebbiolo? Or want to take the red out of your red wine?

Red Wine and Your Health. A History of Scientists Hitting the Bottle
We all know that red wine is good for us. Turns us into marathon running, ageless, mentally sharp, There's a new study out almost every week about how wine is good for us. So how did we get on this wine for heath kick anyway?

Ozone may cut wine allergies
Using Ozone to preserve grapes could replace the need for allergy-causing sulphites, possibly leading to healthier and less allergenic wine,

New demographic of wine drinkers prompts tasting event
Students in the hospitality and tourism major showcased their skills Thursday night at NDSU's fourth annual wine tasting event.

Reduction - Augment your understanding
Grapes and wines are the heirs to a bevy of diseases, pests, and flaws. The identification of "corkiness"� for example has become quite easy to for many wine drinkers, but other flaws in wine are a bit more difficult to identify in the

Viviendo la vida loca del vino en Indiana
Am I living the crazy wine life in Indiana? It sure doesn't seem like it As a wine enthusiast of the first order I certainly follow wine and the Actually, I follow the wine industry greater then the "Above Average Joe," too.

GM yeast variety has no effect on wine quality, reveal new trials
A new genetically modified yeast variety designed for use in wine production has been found to behave similarly to the parent commercial yeast

Berries, sparkling wine see Valentine sales boost
So, too, did sales of sparkling wine. The sales data showed the category most dramatically affected by the holiday was "special chocolates."

Dry winter blamed for lower wine grape crop forecast
Western Australia's wine grape growers are predicting the volume of their crop this year will be about 30 per cent below average.

From Top Chef Hopeful to Wine-Store Mogul?
He's launching the first, a "concept wine boutique"� called Tastevin, in LA this spring; his goal with the shop is to create an un-stuffy place for folks his age to discover good but affordable wine. As Slashfood explains,

Q: Aging Wine at High Altitudes?
I've come to your wine school and have purchased several of your products. The wine was very good. A second bottle of the same wine and batch was opened I have two bottles of wine from Goosecross to compare, one to be tasted at

The Taste of Terroir - An attempt to make sense of Biodynamics Pt. I
Damien Casten, one of the co-founders, a student of wine with a subtle wit, has also written a fantastic primer on BioD that I'm going to share here in three parts. It's an accessible read and gives a nice overview into the world of

Gruner Veltliner from Austria - Episode #181
Wines tasted in this episode:. 2005 Soellner Gruner Veltliner Wogenrain; 2003 Rainer Wess Gruner Veltliner Wines that taste like this are the future of the wine drinking world and today Gary Vaynerchuk tackles these food friendly wines.

Who's threating us now: nanotechnology!
Goodbye cork taint, hello programmable alcohol levels - nanotechnology can deliver solutions to the age-old problems of wine... Feel like a glass of Sauvignon Blanc? Switch on the green peppers (capsicum if you feel in an Aussie or

Comprehensive Culinary Travel Survey Provides Insights on Food and
"The study demonstrates that a sizable proportion of the US leisure market does indeed make travel decisions based on a desire for wine and culinary

Gary Vaynerchuk is One Crazy, Wine-Swilling Dude
Gary Vaynerchuk, Director of Operations for Wine Library, friend of LENNDEVOURS and intrepid host of Wine Library TV is at it again. But that didn't stop Gary from tasting three highly rated wines on today's episode of

How Does The Weather Affect Wine? - Episode #182
Wines tasted in this episode:. Mollydooker Two Left Feet 2005; Chat Lynch Bages 1996; Casanova Neri Brunello Tenuta Nuova 2001 Wine and weather go hand in hand and today Gary will tackle the issue once and for all, sit back and enjoy!

EU Lawmakers Vote Down Plans to Rip Out Vines, Cut Wine Surplus
European lawmakers voted to water down measures intended to make wine making more profitable in the region by encouraging farmers to quit

She takes me into a big cave in the side of the mountain where the wine vats sit. Below, I see the town of La Honda in the valley, where residents say

Wine and chocolate: happy marriage
Sure, some skeptics might think chocolate and wine are an odd couple, but many culinary experts think they make a perfect pair, especially for Valentine's

Traditional French begin switch to bag-in-box wine
The bag-in-box is finally making inroads into France's traditionally conservative wine market, according to experts who gathered here in

Tasting Notes
"Fashioned specifically to capture the pure essence of what a woman wants in a wine..." I've gotten mixed responses from female friends on wine marketing targeted at women. I'm just waiting for the day when Oprah starts her own on-air

16th Annual Boston Wine Expo Draws 12000 Attendees
Encouraged by a brief respite from New England's sub-freezing weather, about 12000 people packed the 16th Boston Wine Expo, held this past weekend at the city's Seaport World Trade Center. The largest and most successful consumer wine

Airport wine tasting & retail
Vino Volo, a play on the Italian words for "wine flight,"� offers weary passengers an escape from the chaotic food courts and loud bars that are all too familiar at major airports. At Vino Volo, customers can sample wines either by the

PANACHE features photographic wine art
Victory's love for wine became a true passion when, as a second career, he spent almost 10 years as a wine educator at several premium wineries in

Fernwood Cellars Wine Cause for 'Ooohs' and 'Aaahs'
As we perused the menu for food selections, the server brought over a wine list to our table. A few people had brought some bottles to dinner, and we wanted

Wine with Hitler label expected to fetch a high price
A bottle of wine with a portrait of Adolf Hitler on the label is expected to fetch up to 500 pounds sterling on an auction in Great Britain.

Virginia Earns High Marks as National Food and Wine Destination
Culinary travelers rank Virginia 8th for wine tourism and 15th for food-related travel in recent national study.

Video: Bottletalk Review -- it's Wine 2.0
I had a chance to take a look at a new social network around wine. Bottletalk allows you to add wines you have drank and rate them. You can also rate, tag and comment on any wine. Setup friends and see what they like and don't like.

2004 Justin Cabernet Sauvignon
The wine was a wonderful dark purple, the kind you can't see through when you hold it up to the light. There was fruit--cherry, blackberry--on the front and lots of oak in the back. It really made my night.

Enomatic rewards New Yorkers
You can largely thank New York's confusing laws on wine retailing, which prevent charging for wine samples. In California, where enomatic machines are frequently spotted in wine shops, retailers can have a tasting bar and charge for

Chocolatiers' many dark sides appeal to consumers
Together, they set out to do for dark chocolate what fellow Californian Robert Mondavi had done for wine - demystify, democratize and domesticate it.

Pink sparkling-wine jellies
Combine the sparkling wine, sugar and cloves in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until sugar dissolves.

Spirited Glass: Wooing with wine, chocolate
If you're looking forward to St. Valentine's Day, need a last-minute gift idea or just a hearty chuckle, consider the following excerpts from Cupid's Wine

Friday, February 16, 2007

Weekend Wine Tasting Notes Roundup

I love reading wine tasting notes. It's a great way to discover some fantastic new wines. But, you know the problem, they're scattered all over the wine blogosphere. But, not anymore, now I just enter "tasting notes" into the AlaWine.com "Wine Blog Search Engine" and voila, there's nearly 200 wine blog postings on tasting notes, at my fingertips, to read in my spare time :) Here below are a few examples, from the last few days, I'll be perusing today for weekend wine ideas. I hope you find some new good wines too.

Knappstein Cabernet Merlot 2004
Mainly because of my nature, but also because of limited time (mine and yours), I tend to like writing about the good wines on Winorama. I guess this might lead people to think I am Mr Easy Marker, but I am not really. I just don’t bother writing up quite ...  Australia cabernet et al Clare Valley Red Tasting Notes Variety


Catena makes my favorite Chardonnay from Argentina. This effort from Navarrita is a worthwhile runnerup. TASTING NOTES: Light golden color with pear/apple aromas and flavors. Smooth, not over-oaked and lots of yummy caramel candy on the finish. SCORE


Rosemount Estate Diamond Label Sauvignon Blanc 2006
I know there are lots of other worthy wines I should be reviewing but sometimes I am curious. What does a multi-regional (not disclosed) Australian sauvignon blanc with a suggested RRP of $15.99 taste like? I am not elitist but I would point you in the direction of a Peter ...  Australia sauv blanc et al Tasting Notes Variety


Bruno Tait Barossa Ball Buster Shiraz 2005
Tasting Notes: Appearance: Deep purple cranberry with a nice haze, semi-opaque.


Der Feinschmecker Pinot Noir 1997
Visiting wine educator/writer/judge, David Furer opened this on Friday and we kept sampling it over three days. It was a magnum of commemorative wine made by five of Germanys top makers for Der Feinschmecker, which is sort of like the Australian publication Gourmet Traveller Wine. It opened a little strange, ...  Germany pinot noir Red Tasting Notes


Bodegas del Palacio de Fefiñanes Albariño De Fefiñanes 2005
This bodega is one of the oldest in Rias Brixas (with the longest name too!), started in 1904, and they were the first to bottle an albariño wine in 1928. And what a wine it is, possibly the best Spanish albarino I've had to date. A great wine to put ...  Albariño Rías Baixas Spain Tasting Notes


Nikolaihof Wachau Riesling 1990
A solid weekend of over 70 Pinot Noirs and in the middle of the grand finale, visiting wine judge, David Furer gives this to me to try. I was stunned to taste the freshness of this wine, a 17 year old riesling. The wine spent the first 14 years of ...  Austria riesling Tasting Notes Variety White Posted


Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay 1999
I didn’t know I had any of these left, but I found one the other day and decided to serve it blind against a white burgundy and see if my lunch companion would be fooled. Well he wasn’t certain, but he was leaning towards New World, and it certainly was ...  Australia chardonnay Margaret River Tasting Notes Variety White


Tasting Notes for February 10, 2007
For this tasting, the theme was Valentine's Day, sometimes by the name or label rather than the wine itself. Wine 1: 2002 Domaine Carneros by Taittinger . Napa Valley, California. A wonderful sparkling wine with a lot of acclaim and a nice price tag. Yeasty aroma, a crisp start with a smooth ... citrus notes. $10. Wine 5: 2005 Cycles Gladiator . Central Coast, California.


Powers Winery Champoux Vineyard Horse Heaven Hills Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2001
Tasting Notes: Appearance: Deep ruby, semi-opaque.


Wine Tasting Note: Mas Thélème Exultet, 2003, Pic Saint Loup, France
on my shopping list for more - Pic Saint Loup individuality personified. Wine Tasting Note:Mas...  Wine Tasting Notes Posted on:


Penfolds Thomas Hyland Chardonnay 2004
After reading Lincolns Journey into lower priced Chardonnays I thought I would add this. It was served blind by friends as a pre-dinner wine to see if Wendy liked it. She did. The nose has peach and stone fruit plus toasty oak. The palate is soft and very well balanced. ...  Australia chardonnay Tasting Notes Variety White


Tyrrells Reserve Stevens Vineyard Shiraz 2003
I was really hoping to taste a hopelessly obscure wine called something like “Der Feinschmecker” this evening but just had to settle with marching up and down the hall shouting “Der Feinschmecker” while sniffing a glass of the Tyrrell’s Stevens. I notice on the back label that this wine has ...  Australia Hunter Valley Red shiraz


Wolf Blass White Label Chardonnay 2001
This is an aged release from Wolf Blass that is available from some restaurants and cellar door. I must admit that I have never had much luck with aged Adelaide Hills chardonnay Aromas of fig, dried pear, orange oil, butter, grilled nuts, spicy oak and some smokey matchsticky complexity. On ...  Adelaide Hills Australia chardonnay Tasting Note


Bridgewater Mill Sauvignon Blanc 2006
I went to get a can of pop from the kitchen fridge just now and the row of 06 sauvignons that I popped in a while ago are still sitting there. They have a little note on the shelf saying “Gary’s wine. Do not touch!” These notes must work. I might get a range printed up..and maybe a few done in a nice ceramic tile. “Gary’s car. Do not nick!” , “Gary’s Cadbury Cream Egg. Do not scoff!” etc. Aromas...


Labels on the site
As you may have noticed there are now just a few labels attached to posts to help you sort through past tasting notes etc.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

American Wine Blog Awards Voting -- Tick, tick, tick

It seems like just last week when Tom Wark announced the finalists for the American Wine Blog Awards. Oh yeah, it was last week; time flies. And, speaking of which, the voting ends tomorrow -- so stop reading this post and get on over there and vote. Considering this is the first year for the awards, the AWBA have been highly successful, scaring up more than 400 nominations and generating some serious buzz, particularily among the wine bolgarati -- some examples here below for the edification of last minute voters:

Finalists For Wine Blog Awards Announced
Tom Wark has announced the finalists for the 2007 American Wine Blog Awards over at FERMENTATION.


American Wine Blog Awards Finalists Announced!
Responses to American Wine Blog Awards Finalists Announced!


A wine blog here, a wine blog there
Over at Fermentation, the American Wine Blog Awards voting is going on.


Help Get Out the Wine Blog Word
The work to get out the word on the great wine bloggers that were named finalists in the American Wine Blog Awards, as well as the vibrancy of the wine blog world, is underway.


Voting Begins for the American Wine Blog Awards
Tom Wark at Fermentation has announced the finalists for the 2007 American Wine Blog Awards, the first awards dedicated to wine bloggers (as distinct from food and drink bloggers).


Hey everyone, the official nominees for the American Wine Blog Awards have been posted on Fermentation . Unfortunately, La Gramière did not make the final cut, but I sure do appreciate your efforts. There are some great blogs out there so be sure to check them out, and vote on your favorites. I will definitely be casting my vote.


Don't Forget: Vote for LENNDEVOURS
Just in case you forgot (how could you?), I wanted to remind everyone that LENNDEVOURS has been named a finalist in the 2007 American Wine Blog Awards in both the Best Single-Subject Wine Blog and Best Wine Blog Graphics categories.


Dover Canyon Chosen as a Finalist
in the winery category competition for the first annual American Wine Blog Awards! Finalists in each ... of the wine industry and wine journalism. To have been chosen as a finalist among so many other fine ... include Eric Asimov, wine writer for the New York Times; Craig Camp, who was named one of the top wine bloggers by Food Wine magazine; Britain's Jamie Goode; and A


American Wine Blog Finalists Announced
The finalists for the 2007 American Wine Blog Awards have been announced, and This Blog is a finalist in the “Best Winery Blog” category. If you have enjoyed reading this blog, if you have found it to be informative, entertaining or insightful, if you think this blog is worthy, click here ... as well. There are folks out there in the wine blogging world who are doing great things–find out what...


Friends, Romans, wine geeks, lend me your vote
The first vintage of the American Wine Blog Awards is currently underway.


American Wine Blog Awards: Vote for LENNDEVOURS
While it's true that I'm honored to be named a finalist in the 2007 American Wine Blog Awards' Best Single-Subject Wine Blog category, I also would love to win. I just noticed at Tom Wark's site that you are a double finalist in the American Wine Blog Awards, for both Best Single-Subject Wine Blog and Best Wine Blog Graphics.


American Wine Blog Awards Finalist!
Vivi's Wine Journal: American Wine Blog Awards Finalist!


Winewaves Up For Two AWB Awards
Thank you to Tom Wark's Fermentation for the innovation known as the American Wine Blog Awards, which has flattered me with two nominations and already increased traffic here at Winewaves.


Wine ratings? - Episode #178
Wines tasted in this episode: 2005 Provenance Sauvignon Blanc 2005 Marquis Philips Holly’s Blend 2005 D’arenberg The Hermit Crab 2002 Vina Alarba Pago San Miguel Links mentioned in todays episode. American Wine Blog Awards Wine Ratings what do they mean and how does Gary stack his scores against these 90+ scored wines from the MAJOR press... Pos


Vote for GrapeRadio!
GrapeRadio has been nominated for the Fermentations - American Wine Blog Awards in the category of Best Wine Related Podcast.


We’re Not Worthy!
I imagine that many readers of this blog havent heard of the American Wine Blog Awards, while many others have come here for the first time because Quaffability is a finalist in the category of Best Wine Reviewing blog.


Respectfully Asking For Your Vote. Again.
Voting began yesterday for the first ever American Wine Blog Awards competition, and Vinography has graciously been nominated as a finalist in three categories: Best Wine Reviews, Best Wine Writing, and Best Overall Wine Blog.


American Wine Blog Awards
Now, Mr. Wark is helming the American Wine Blog Awards.


American Wine Blog Awards Finalist
Im pleased and flattered to announce that I have been selected as a finalist in The American Wine Blog Awards, which were created and are hosted by Tom Wark of Fermentation.


links for 2007-02-09
The American Wine Blog Awards finalists have been announced! Vote for your favorite finalist in the first annual American Wine Blog Awards competition.


American Wine Blog Awards Finalists Announced
The judges have survived wading through dozens of nominated wine blogs and have now announced the finalists for the inaugural American Wine Blog Awards. The judges have survived wading through dozens of nominated wine blogs and have now announced the finalists for the inaugural American Wine Blog Awards.


Links for 2007-02-08 [del.icio.us]
The American Wine Blog Awards finalists have been announced! Vote for your favorite finalist in the first annual American Wine Blog Awards competition.


2007 American Wine Blog Awards
The finalists in seven categories in the 2007 American Wine Blog Awards were announced today. The American Wine Blog Awards are conducted by Tom Wark, proprietor of FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog.


Thus the Winehiker enters the glamorous world of winemaking
a.k.a. “El Jefe” of Calaveras County’s Twisted Oak Winery (you just gotta read his twisted blog ), Lenn Thompson of New York’s LennDevours blog (Lenn is a finalist in the 1st annual 2007 American Wine Blog Awards’ Best Single-Subject Wine Blog category), and Tim Elliott, the first podcaster


American Wine Blog Awards Finalists Announced
First, it's important that I thank everyone who took the time to nominate the various blogs. I have to thank the judges (more on them below) who looked over all the blogs nominated in each category and came back with... Posted under: Wine Blog Awards


American Wine Blog Awards
Those readers who dont follow the wider wine-blogopshere may be interested to know that the 1st annual American Wine Blog Awards nominations are now underway.


Wine Blog Awards News: Update 3–Link Generosity
There have been a lot of folks out there who are VERY generous with their postings when it comes to the American Wine Blog Awards and, as a result, helping to get the word out.


American Wine Blog Awards
The first American Wine Blog Awards have been launched by Tom Wark over on Fermentations. In spite ... . Search Tags: wine food american wine blog awards wine competitions ... . Nominations are currently been collated under the following categories: Best Winery Blog Best Wine Podcast or Video Blog Best Graphics on


American Wine Blog Awards, 2007
The 2007 American Wine Blog Awards are here! Nominations began yesterday, and I'm excited to see that Escafeld has been nominated in the Best Winery Blog category! The awards are hosted by Tom Wark, who's hugely popular blog, Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog, is a favorite of mine. If you're like me, and you've gotta have your blogs, take a look and vote for


Well, Look at That: American Wine Blog Awards
Tom Wark over at Fermentation is organizing the very first American Wine Blog Awards.


Wine blog Awards News: Update 2--400 Nominations
As of 10am today, nearly 400 separate nominating comments have been placed in the seven categories for the American Wine blog Awards.


The AWBA: more coverage than Disney
Having published a BusinessWire press release yesterday about the American Wine Blog Awards that he is hosting, Tom saw that his announcement had placed third-most in the number of hits for the day. Apparently the American Wine Blog Awards has more pull than the CEO of Disney delivering the keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show.


Tom Wark - Wine Blogger Extraordinaire!
The irony of whats to follow is a creation of Tom Wark, of Wark Communications, to create American Wine Blog Awards. The creation of the American Wine Blog Awards occured after across the field of wine bloggers and seeing not just those whose readership and talent had gained them some deserved notoriety, but as I continually saw new bloggers pop up weekly who clearly had new voices and new perspectives.


Rock the Vote: American Wine Blog Awards 2007
Greetings Friends, Tom Wark , of Fermentation, the Daily Wine Blog , has created the American Wine Blog Awards Vintage 2007 . This is the first of its kind and is a genius idea that has attracted ... under Best Single Subject Wine Blog and Best Graphics on a Wine Blog . There are some spectacular ... enough wine geeks in a room (or website


The American Wine Blog Awards
Tom has now launched The American Wine Blog Awards to recognize how powerful this new medium has become and to celebrate these new voices spread throughout the country.


A humble thanks
Wow, people are really getting into the American Wine Blog Awards over at Fermentation.


Links for 2007-01-08 [del.icio.us]
The American Wine Blog Awards finalists have been announced! Vote for your favorite finalist in the first annual American Wine Blog Awards competition.


... and more here from Google

A Tasty Tasting Menu for Valentine's Day

Last night, my wife Cori and I enjoyed a very nice Valentine's Day dinner at the Napa Valley Grille in Yountville. We both opted for the same prix fix menu, "Seduction." The dishes were complementary, the courses flowed well and, overall it was all delicious (except for the fern which tasted like old brussel sprouts). Best of all though, it was a "tasting menu," which meant we were able to try three different wines, paired by the chef, one with each course. The first wine was Ramian Garnacba 2004, a Spanish rose wine served chilled. Unlike many garnacbas which are blends, this one was a singile varietal and very refreshing. It was paired with a cauliflower bisque, which included a beet, goat cheese, and tiger prawn element. The second wine was Arhair Pinot Noir 2004. On first sip, it was an unusual taste for me and seemed a bit flat, but it did pair well with the steamed crab and corn cake with vegetable mosaic, and over the course of the dish, the wine grew on me and I'd have to say I enjoyed it. The final wine of the meal was a robust David Fulton Petite Syrah 2001, which was our favorite. It paired well with the Kobe Tri-Tip, withstood the fiddlehead ferns, and was just a good overall sippin' wine to round out a satisfying meal. The David Fulton Winery was established in 1860 in St. Helena and is one of the the oldest family vineyards in California. They only produce Petite Syrah and there is some very interesting background information on this wine, as well as the 1999, 2000, and 2002 releases, at the winery web site here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Valentine Wine Ideas

A couple of days ago, I posted a list of resources for Valentine wine ideas from the more mainstream media. But if you're a procrastinator (you know who you are), here are some more thoughts on the subject from the wine blogging community:

Wines for Valentines
Choosing a wine for Valentines Day doesnt have to be so different from any other special occasion. Still looking for something that just screams Valentines Day? Short of being corny, you have two more options: choose a pink / rose wine, or find a wine that has something lovely on the label.


Sparkling Bouillot and Valentine’s Day
It’s pink and bubbly and it’s only $15. Oh, you wanted to spend more for Valentine’s Day? Louis Bouillot Crémant de Bourgogne Burgundy, France imported by Boisset America (click to find US distributors) OK, just buy 4 bottles of this. Seriously, though. If Champagne isn’t in your budget, this is as dead a ringer you’ll find. It’s even from Burgundy, the next best thing to Champagne...


Pink champagnes for your Valentine
GhaleonQ on What is your favorite Valentine's Day treat?


Great Ideas for Valentine's Day
Nothing says romance quite like Valentine’s Day. Lovebirds all over the world are making plans to share a tender moment or a candlelight dinner. Everything you need food and wine wise to make it a fantastic Valentine’s.


What Valentine's Day wines?
Mark Squires' Bulletin Board on eRobertParker.com - What Valentine's Day wines? For those who celebrate Valentine's Day, what wines are you planning on opening?


Bye-bye Bon Bons, Hello Vino
The research firm Cyberpulse found that 59% of women ages 21-39 wish their sweethearts would give them wine, not candy, on Valentine's Day. And London's Sunday Times reported that wine tastings rank above all other venues for finding a date.


Love In A Box: Recchiuti Confections
This box receives top honors every year in Valentines Day chocolate reviews.


1. The best way to store chocolate is: A. In the fridge B. In a cool, dry place C. Next to the stove D. It should never be stored – just eaten right away Links, Hints and much, much more


Article: A marriage sure to last: food and wine
"Wednesday is Valentine's Day, the ultimate testament to love.


Hot French Valentine: Château de Lancyre Pic Saint Loup Grande Cuvée 2001
But I tend to think that Valentine's Day is neither particular nor demanding enough to tap for service any specific wine. And yet, I look down at my tasting note today and I find something virtually made-to-order for Valentine's Day. So here comes a special recommendation, and I'll tell you why in a moment.


Valentine's Goodies
Tesco has loads of great gifts for Valentine's Day! My favourite is the “Heartstopper” (97p) as we call ita great bottle stopper and a great partner for Big Love Rosé. x... Posted on:


This Valentine's Day, don't have pinot envy
So what will you be doing for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? It's likely that it will include some wine, food and flowers. And because of the light price tag, you can deploy the rest of your Valentine's Day budget elsewhere.


Bulgarian Wine Festival
Love is in the air - Yup! Valentines Day is almost here, and along with buying roses and boxes of chocolates, wine is on the menu, at least thats true if you are in Bulgaria for the Balkan Festival of Love and Wine scheduled for this February 14th. The festival will combine the celebrations of two holidays, local St Trifon Zarezan and international St. Valentines day, Bulgarian news agency BTA said.


Love, Biodynamics, and Vino: Responsible Hedonism for Valentine's Day
Do you know what you're serving your sweetie in the wine department for the upcoming Valentine's Day festivities? Something romantic, for sure. But how about a wine that is not only romantic, but organic and biodynamic, too? One publication is urging you to consider "responsible hedonism" as the theme for your celebrations this year. The good folks at Organic Wine Journal


Think Pink: the NV Blason de Bourgogne Crémant de Bourgogne Cuvée Rosé Brut
It's Valentine's Day this week--the time when you throw your New Year's diet out the window (if you haven't already done so), buy a box of chocolates, trawl supermarkets for flowers, and put together complicated dinner menus for the one(s) you love. And, even if you are averse to pink most of the year, you suddenly find yourself drawn to the color.


Hillsborough Vineyards: A Gem of a Winery
Hillsborough Vineyards is having Chocolate fondue for Valentine’s Day. There will be decadent chocolate covered fruit paired with Hillsborough’s Ruby and Moonstone wines.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WBW#30: New World Syrah/Shiraz

The books have closed on February's Wine Blogging Wednesday. Host Tim Elliott, publisher/producer of Winecast reports that his New World Syrah/Shiraz theme was the most popular so far with a total of 50 entries covering 70 wines." Tim provides an amazingly thorough summary report here at Winecast, and I recommend you read it when you have time. In case you missed any of the individual postings, here's a headline list:

  • Barreled, A Wine Blog: Cool California Syrah
  • The Vinorati Blog » Blog Archive » Shiraz, Syrah,… WBW#30
  • Wine Blogging Wednesday 30: a local (for me) premium syrah... - way off the back
  • Brooklynguy's Wine and Food Blog: Down Under in Brooklyn
  • cincinnati wine warehouse: Wine Blogging Wednesday -- #30
  • Brim to the Dregs: Wine Blogging Wednesday #30
  • Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once: Wine Blogging Wednesday #30
  • Cooking Chat: WBW # 30: Winner's Tank 2005 Shiraz Langhorne Creek
  • The Corkdork - Wine and Food Musing: WBW#30: New World Syrah - Thomas Fogarty Estate Syrah 2003 Fat Buck Ridge Vineyards, Santa Cruz Mountains
  • Culinary Fool: WBW#30: McCrea 2002 Syrah
  • Fill Up On Bread: WBW#30 - the verdict
  • Full Bodied: Two hot fat chicks on wine and other good things in life.: Wine Blogging Wednesday #30: Kettle Valley Syrah
  • Good Wine Under $20: Wine Blogging Wednesday #30: the 2005 Hocus Pocus Syrah
  • tales of a sommelier: Wine Blog Wednesday 30
  • huevos con vino » Blog Archive » WBW #30 - Drinking the 2000 Paracombe Adelaide Hills Somerville Shiraz
  • La tavola: Warrenmang Estate Shiraz 1996
  • LENNDEVOURS: WBW #30: Torbreck 2005 Woodcutter's Shiraz
  • Purple Liquid: a wine and food diary: WBW #30: my own new world Syrah
  • the cru: Wine Blogging Wednesday - New World Syrah
  • Wine Blogging Wednesday #30: New World Syrah. « The Table
  • The Wine Wanker
  • Vinoteket: Wine Blogging Wednesday #30
  • winewaves: Harlequin Cellars Jester's Red 2004: WBW#30
  • Wannabe Wino: WBW #30 New World Syrah
  • Water into Wino: WBW #30 New World Syrah
  • Doktor Weingolb: WBW #30 New World Syrah/Shiraz: Chile's Errazuriz Estate 2005, Australia's Jacob's Creek 2004 and a California Pastiche
  • ~ Through The Walla Walla Grape Vine ~: Wine Blogging Wednesday #30 - Strong Syrah Rootstocks in Walla Walla
  • Bodegas Nieto Senetiner, Syrah 2004
  • WBW 30: Pax Syrah
  • winecommando: 2004 Montes Alpha Syrah Alpalta Vineyard, Colchagua Valley, Chile
  • Winepost: St Hallet Blackwell Shiraz 2002 (WBW)
  • Wino sapien: Thorn Clarke Shotfire Shiraz 2005
  • winosandfoodies: WBW - New Shiraz
  • Winzerblog » Wine blogging Wednesday #30 - New World Syrah
  • Avenue Vine: Avenue Vine's WBW #30 Assignment New World Syrah/Shiraz Views
  • Wines » WBW #30: Penfolds Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz 2003
  • The Cellar Rat Wine Blog and Podcast Home: New World Syrah - Wine Blogging Wednesday #30
  • Chatilde;¢teauBrys » Blog Archive » Wine Blogging Wednesday #30: New World Shiraz
  • El Bloggo Torcido - Twisted Oak Winery: Wine Blogging Wednesday #30: 2004 Tanner Syrah
  • Fork & Bottle: WBW#30 Sine Qua Non winery
  • Gastronomic Fight Club: WBW #30: New World Syrah
  • A Guy, a Girl, and a Bottle » Blog Archive » GNGNB EP38: Wine Blogging Wednesday #30 New World Syrah
  • Good Grape Wine Co.: A Manifesto
  • HEWITSON - Premium Australian Wine
  • Wine Tasting Note: Di Martino Legado Syrah, 2005, Choapa Valley, Chile - from Spittoon.biz
  • The Second Glass: New World Shiraz and other Knockouts
  • Vinography: A Wine Blog: 2002 Astrale e Terra Syrah, Atlas Peak, Napa
  • Wine Outlook » Blog Archive » WBW #30: In the Style of Shiraz
  • Wine Blogging Wednesday 30–New World Syrah at Podcast: Wine for Newbies
  • Wine Blogging the Columbia and Rhone
  • Monday, February 12, 2007

    Valentine's Day and Wine

    Bloggers Select Favorite Wines
    There's plenty of debate in the blogosphere about wine. "When thinking about wine for Valentine's Day, I'm always thinking about what my wife will like.


    Picking the Perfect Wine for Valentines Day
    It seems like a Valentine's Day match made in heaven: a bottle of vintage cabernet sauvignon and a box of dark Belgian chocolate. But combine those two tastes on John Scharffenberger's tongue, and "it's a train wreck," he complains of the puckering collision of the red wine's oaky tannins and the similarly bitter overtones in dark chocolate.


    Dear Trifon, I love you - Your Valentine
    Dear Trifon, I love you - Your Valentine - Features news In honour of St Trifon, it is the holiday of vine growers, winemakers and wine drinkers.


    Think outside the chocolate box for Valentine’s Day gifts
    Every Valentine’s Day, billions of dollars are spent on boxes of chocolate, bouquets of flowers and bottles of wine to give to that significant other. Take your beloved to Chateau Elan for a wine tasting and tour.


    Great Wine Buys for Valentine's Day
    It can be hard to find just the right occasion to enjoy one of these sweet treasures from France's Bordeaux region, but Valentine's Day seems just right.


    Valentine Dilemma: What's the Right Wine to Go With Chocolate?
    Valentine Dilemma: Whats the Right Wine to Go With Chocolate? The urge to pair it with a bottle of wine is a recent phenomenon.


    Give. Get. Do.
    Your wine-loving Valentine a membership in a personalized wine club. The baby ready for Valentine's Day with "Conversation Hearts" onesies and T-shirts.


    Romance is on the menu
    Six days before Valentine's Day without a game plan is the relationship equivalent of forgetting to reserve your boss's important overseas flight. Wine flights are available for $50, or choose a bottle from Maws's Frenchy-French wine list.


    Got Plans? - washingtonpost.com
    If you're celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend, we've got some ideas, and if you're not, we've also got some ideas. Alexandria, Va.: Are there any Valentine-themed wine tastings going on next week?


    Liquid bouquets
    This pre-made bouquet comes with Sofia wine, created by director Francis Ford Coppola for his daughter’s wedding. Cheryl Reist, who co-owns the shop with Lisa Koch, suggests sparkling wine for your big Valentine's Day date.


    Choose your Valentine Show
    What’s the most romantic Valentine’s Day you’ve ever experienced? We used a web cam and had wine during our online date!


    Valentines ... and wine
    Choosing the right wine to accompany a Valentines Day box of chocolates or a romantic dinner for two doesnt have to be rocket science, a speciality wine buyer for Pennsylvanias Wine and Spirits Stores said. The traditional Valentines chocolate confections are sweet and the wine should be as sweet or sweeter, Hazr said.


    Be sweet to your sweetie
    A box of cream-filled chocolates is a lovely Valentine gift, but do your sweetheart a favor and give him or her a heart-healthy treat instead. Red wine: A glass of red wine with the Valentine dinner can do more for the heart than add romance.


    What's Cooking, Valentine? - washingtonpost.com
    Join us for a Valentine's edition of What's Cooking, our live online culinary hour with Kim O'Donnel. Kim O'Donnel: A kick-in-the-pants bottle of wine, Raleigh, be it still or sparkling.


    Valentine mix
    Local winery owners have done the work of pairing the right chocolate with the ideal wine. Mallow Run's wine-chocolate tasting includes a Johnson County blackberry wine and a dark chocolate truffle from South Bend Chocolate Company.


    WINE: A Valentine's bouquet of rosés
    Only wine (in moderation) can properly accommodate the ethereal (and corporeal) imperatives of Valentine's Day. To elucidate, here, just in time for the holiday, is a historical and literary appreciation of the seductive powers of wine. Clearly, wine is the proper medium for Valentine's Day sentiments.


    Ten romantic Valentine's Day dates
    Whether it's your first date or you've been married 50 years, Valentine's Day celebrations shouldn't include the same old dinner and a movie. The party also includes beer, wine and live music, and a Valentine's Day theme.


    Really, you if you're considering going out for dinner on Valentine's Day, you probably should have made your reservations by now. If you haven't, here's a roundup of Valentine's Day roundups -- you should be able to find a place to woo your sweetheart over a prix fixe dinner.


    Notable News on Wine

    Study says LPGA fans drink most wine
    Fans of women's golf are the biggest wine drinkers among sports fans in the United States, according to figures released on Thursday.

    Wal-Mart Wine
    Wal-Mart announced... it will begin offering customers a new discount item - Wal-Mart's own brand of wine. Customer surveys were conducted to determine the most attractive name for the Wal-Mart wine brand. The top surveyed names in order of popularity were:

    Wine without the headache?
    Scientists have developed a new way to preserve grapes and wine which could lessen the effects of the morning-after hangover.

    Couple wine with your mood
    ...why I always fight for the cause of marrying wine to your mood even before to your food.

    Set the mood with wine, chocolate
    The rule of thumb for pairing the two is simple: The wine should be at least as sweet as the chocolate... The wine also should be assertive, because chocolate is so rich and flavorful.

    Wine offers ultimate comfort when in a time of crisis
    One of the things I decided early on was that I was still going to drink wine, power or no power. That may seem rather trivial and even laughable to some, ...

    A Wine Worth Blogging About
    A new wine has crossed my vine, and I have added it to my list of the best "everyday wines." This Dona Paula Cabernet Sauvignon from Mendoza, Argentina is fantastic. This wine blogger says it's under $15, but heck, I found it on the web as cheap as $7.99 and $9.98.

    Q: Plastic Corks and Screw Caps?
    Question from Jennifer: I heard a bad rumor that wineries were going to the plastic or screw tops on wine bottles. It would really cheapen the experience of a moment. Opening the wine to the pleasure of a cork is a historic and romantic...

    What was wrong with my wine?
    The notes on the bottle read: Clean, crisp and vibrant, this wine was made ... Nicely balanced, this wine displays an intense floral aroma with hints of citrus

    Wine industry weathers a tough year
    The wine grape total -- a key industry indicator -- was 3.1 million vs. 3.7 million in 2005, down nearly 17 percent. "This crush helped," said John Ciatti

    Sour times ahead as crop failures in Australia hit wine prices
    WINE drinkers in Britain have been warned that Australian brands are expected to soar in price after crop failures caused severe shortages of popular grape

    SA wine farmers throw in towel
    The huge oversupply of wine worldwide has turned into a nightmare and an "economic disaster" for South Africa's wine farmers.

    NZ wine exports to Australia up almost 50%
    New Zealand Winegrowers says a huge growth in wine sales to Australia is one of the most satisfying aspects of record exports in the past year.

    Friday, February 09, 2007

    "100 Top Wine Blogs" List Updated

    Well, I've finally gotten around to updating the "100 Top Wine Blogs" list. In this new version, I factored in a weighting for Technorati rankings, which I believe has improved the results. Of course, I am always interested in your thoughts or any ideas for additional improvements. The Top 25 are listed below; for the full list go to 100 Top Wine Blogs

    1. Vinography
    2. Stormhoek
    3. Dr. Vino
    4. The Pour
    5. Fermentation
    6. Wine Outlook
    7. Basic Juice
    8. Winelibrary TV
    9. Lenndevours
    10. Spittoon
    11. Winecast
    12. Grape Radio
    13. Bainbridge On Wine
    14. Pinot Blogger
    15. Aristide
    16. Vino Al Vino
    17. Oenoline
    18. Sommelier, Paris
    19. Jaime Goode
    20. Celebrate Wine
    21. Catavino
    22. Wine Waves
    23. Winzerblog
    24. Vivi
    25. Wino Sapien

    American Wine Blog Awards Finalists Announced

    The American Wine Blog Awards finalists were announced this week, and it's quite an impressive list of wine blogs and wine bloggers. I'm sure the judges had a difficult time narrowing the long list of nominees to this short list, but their task pales in comparison to ours -- to vote for only one wine blog in each category. The finalists include:

    Best Wine Reviewing Blog
    Jamie Good's Wine Blog
    Wine Waves

    Best Wine Blog Writing
    Wine Camp Blog
    Dr. Vino
    The Pour

    Best Single Subject Wine Blog
    Ship Compliant Blog
    The Wine Collector
    Rethink Wine Blog

    Best Winery Blog
    Cima Collina Cellar Rap
    Pinot Blogger
    Dover Canyon Winery Blog

    Best Wine Podcast Or Videoblog
    Napa Valley Wine Radio
    Grape Radio
    Cellar Rat Podcast
    Wine Library TV

    Best Overall Wine Blog
    The Pour
    The Good Grape
    Dr. Vino

    Best Wine Blog Graphics
    Wine Waves
    The Good Grape
    Vivi's Wine Journal

    The judges who selected the finalists include: Judd Wallenbrock, President of Humanitas Wines, GM of Michel-Schlumberger Winery, Michael De Loach, VP Sales and Marketing at Hook & Ladder Winery, Sarah Donnelly, Direct Sales and Wine Club at William Selyem, Eric Quanstrom, Director of Marketing at Appellation America, Cyril Penn, Editor of Wine Business Monthly, Greg Walter, Editor of The Pinot Noir Report, Jo Diaz, Owner Diaz-Communications

    Click here to vote

    Monday, February 05, 2007

    Pinot Noir

    The Grapevine: California pinot noirs showing improvement
    I'm not sure whether I'm changing or the wines are, but I'm finding a lot to be optimistic about when it comes to California pinot noir. I came to that conclusion after reflecting on my experience judging a lot of pinot noir in two recent wine competitions -- 120 pinots in all, mostly from California.


    Pinot noir still popular 2 years after ‘Sideways’
    With everyone gulping down dark and inky shiraz and zinfandel from California’s central coast, it had me wondering what the state of pinot noir is in the marketplace. Obscure and inexpensive Sanford brand pinot noir, Miles’ drink of choice, seemingly tripled in price soon after the film’s release.


    Another First - Carneros Della Notte Releases Eclipse A Late ...
    First with the Glow-in-the Dark Label, First Place with debut wine in the 2006 Pinot Shootout, and now First with a Late Harvest Pinot Noir from Napa Valley. ECLIPSE a one-of-a-kind Late Harvest Botrytis (Noble Rot) Pinot Noir was hand harvested in the Carneros Region of Napa Valley on December 1, 2005.


    Spirited Glass: Global warming affects vineyards
    Rynders has been making wine for Domaine Serene, a leading Oregon pinot noir producer, since 1998. A slight rise in temperature has already affected the growing season for Domaine Serenes pinot noir crop, which prefers Oregons cooler, moister climate more than other French wine grapes.


    Export surge in NZ pinot noir thanks to US road movie
    ELIZABETH JACKSON: New Zealand pinot noir has become a best seller in the US and all because of a quirky road movie called Sideways. But several hundred wine buffs in Wellington will be strictly sticking to the whites this weekend, after spending the past week sniffing, swirling and swigging some of the best pinot noir money can buy.


    2005 Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir – Santa Barbara County
    Jim Clendenen was one of the first to make Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara, founding Au Bon Climat in 1982 with Adam Tolmach. Strangely, the wine is a blend of 82 percent Pinot Noir and 18 percent Mondeuse.


    Legendary glassmaker creates unique Oregon pinot noir glass
    At the first of these workshops, the finalists unsurprisingly were Riedel Crystal's Vinum Burgundy glass, the Vinum Extreme Pinot Noir Glass, and the Grand Cru Burgundy glass. The glasses Riedel had designed for Pinot Noir all outperformed the other styles.


    Too-cool Tassie hots up
    It also provided the strongest evidence that although Tassie continues to consolidate its reputation for ultra-fine chardonnay and pinot noir, it is riesling that is moving fastest, overtaking sauvignon blanc and a patchy array of pinot gris/grigio. However, there is a worrying and unwarranted attempt to pump whatever muscles Tassie chardonnay and pinot noir might possess in a rich, aldehydic, oak-derived Krug kind-of fashion.


    A bright future predicted for NZ Pinot Noir
    The New Zealand wine industry received some good news about Pinot Noir this week, with some of the worlds most influential wine experts predicting a very bright future. Nearly 500 delegates from 15 countries spent four days at Pinot Noir 2007 discussing, learning about and of course, tasting, New Zealand Pinot Noir.


    Rose outlook: Dont blush if you like pink wine, say Boston Wine ...
    Thanks to the film "Sideways," he has sold record amounts of pinot noir for the last few years and couldn't give away the merlots maligned in the movie. If you are having pasta in a heavy red sauce, think about a lighter red wine, like a pinot noir.


    Pinot Noir showcase opens in Wellington
    Pinot Noir 2007 has attracted nearly 500 delegates from all over the world, to spend four days talking, debating, learning about and of course, tasting, New Zealands top red wine. As plantings continue to increase, so too will Pinot Noirs contribution to achieving the wine industrys ambitious export goals and to our overall economy.


    Pinot Noir 2007 Event Opens
    Overseas visitors have been attracted to an annual event celebrating New Zealand pinot noir wines which starts in Wellington today. Pinot Noir 2007 chairman Steve Smith says more registrations than ever before have been received, and there has been strong international interest.


    Pinot growing in popularity
    Wine drinkers in the lucrative US market are developing a taste for the rich flavours and soft tannins of pinot noir. Sales of pinot noir in US supermarkets and off-licence premises have shown double digit growth in the past year according to results of a survey released by ACNielsen.


    Lovely matches
    And so does fruity Pinot Noir with Maguro sashimi. A general rule of complement: Aromatic duck with aged Burgundy or Pinot Noir, butter sauced dishes with oaked and buttery Chardonnay work well.


    Big steps for NZ pinot industry - experts
    New Zealand has achieved as much with pinot noir in 20 years as other countries have over two centuries, according to one French wine critic at the Pinot Noir 2007 event in Wellington. Nearly 500 delegates from 15 countries discussed, learned about and tasted local pinot noir during the four-day Wellington event which ended yesterday.


    Washington Post
    The Firepeak Vineyard's mild, foggy climate is particularly suited to the pinot noir grape. Grapes100 percent pinot noir from seven different clones (sub-varieties).


    There's no doubt Stephen Shelmerdine is pleased with his newest wines as he pours another glass of sauvignon blanc, then chardonnay and finally a pinot noir that completes the trio under the Phi label. While he made a few barrels of chardonnay and pinot noir from the 2002 vintage, proof that Lusatia was producing wonderful fruit, the 2005 pinot noir and chardonnay and the '06 sauvignon blanc mark the beginning commercially.


    Friday, February 02, 2007

    Wine Blogs News

    Cornerstone Estate Winery — 2004 Tufford White
    Grape Juice: Feb. 2, 2007
    Tasting Note: Cornerstone Estate Winery — 2004 Tufford White Country: Canada Producer: Cornerstone Estate Blend: 100% Vidal Alcohol: 10.5% (w/v) Residual Sugar: Price: $8.95(CDN) Visit the vine...

    Thank You Donald
    Red Is Life: Feb. 2, 2007
    Celebritory dinner at The Modern's Bar Room - creative menu set up - extremely parsed wine list - until you read the fine print and request the full list - they call it award winning - and it is - W...

    French Chamarré Wine Line Arriving This Spring
    Avenue Vine: Feb. 2, 2007
    Chamarré, the first wine offering from the French-owned Other Wines and Spirits Co., (OWS) Opéra Vins et Spiritueux (OVS), one of France’s largest wine cooperatives, encompassing 15,000 growers a...

    Open Letter From Ramona Nicholson, EVENTS:
    Avenue Vine: Feb. 2, 2007
    Dear Friends, The lack of rain this January has let my vineyard crew get a head start on pruning our 30 acres of grapes here at Nicholson Ranch. Usually they need several weeks to get the task finis...

    Winning Super Bowl Wine Parings
    Avenue Vine: Feb. 2, 2007
    For the majority of sports fans planning to hunker down with greasy, spicy, cheesy snacks in front of a flat-screen television this Sunday, beer is King. But are die-hard wine lovers supposed to forfe...

    France vs. The Rest of the World - HAPPENS TOMORROW!
    Avenue Vine: Feb. 2, 2007
    This event makes a great gift for Christmas... When: Saturday February 3rd - 2:00pm to 4:30pm Where: Embassy of France, 4101 Reservoir Rd NW, Washington DC 2007 Price: $55 FWS members, $65 non-member...

    Midwest Wine & Grape Conference TOMORROW Throught the 5th!
    Avenue Vine: Feb. 2, 2007
    Wine professionals, wine grape growers and wine lovers will gather at Tan-Tar-A resort at the Lake of the Ozarks for the 2007 Midwest Grape & Wine Conference February 3 - 5, 2007. The Missouri Vintner...

    Turn your iPod on
    Quaffability: Feb. 1, 2007
    Readers of Fermentation may know that Tom Wark and I recently appeared on “Mouthful“, Michele Anna Jordan’s show on our local Public Radio Station, KRCB. Well, I just listed to the...

    And Here He Is...
    LENNDEVOURS: Feb. 1, 2007
    More pics to come! ?...

    Bordeaux Gets Heart Ripped Out
    Celebrate Wine: Feb. 1, 2007
    Bordeaux is still feeling more than just a sting when it comes to competing with wine from all over the world. Families who have been in the business for generations are literally having to rip out th...

    The Evolution of Wine Blogging
    Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog: Feb. 1, 2007
    I think it's significant that some of the wine world's most important movers and shakers sat through a presentation that argued Blogs are a phenomena that need to be heeded. That was exactly the messa...

    Video: Brewer-Clifton Ashley's Santa Rita Hills 2005 Pinot Noir
    Tastes Of Life: Feb. 1, 2007
    A small production winery in Santa Ynez Valley, hand crafting a great wine you do not want to miss! Episode 5: Brewer-Clifton Ashely's Santa Rita Hills 2005 Pinot Noir...

    Metaxa Rocks My World
    The Wine Offensive: Jan. 31, 2007
    My favorite spirit in the bartending arsenal… Ode To A Grecian Booze in this week’s Seattle Weekly tags: seattle weekly, metaxa...

    Red, Magenta, Have I Been Drinking?
    Basic Juice - the wine blog for my generation: Jan. 31, 2007
    RedHewitson Ned & Henry’s Barossa Valley Shiraz 2005 ($19, Australia) – All sun-loving Aussie Shiraz isn’t simply big and brawny.? Ned & Henry’s Shiraz is an excellent example of winemaking t...

    It's a Boy!
    LENNDEVOURS: Jan. 31, 2007
    This afternoon at 5:17 p.m. the Thompson (and LENNDEVOURS) family welcome Jackson William Thompson into the world. He's 7 pounds, 10 ounces and is 20" inches long. Nena and Jack are resting comforta...

    Metaxa Rocks My World
    The Wine Offensive: Jan. 31, 2007
    My favorite spirit in the bartending arsenal… Ode To A Grecian Booze in this week’s Seattle Weekly tags: seattle weekly, metaxa...

    Tastes Of Life: Jan. 31, 2007
    The Amedei plant in ItalyBrother and sister, Alessio and Cecilia Tessieri, founded Amedei chocolate brand in 1990, naming it in honor of their grandmother. With no prior experince making chocolate, t...

    New Wine Glass at IPNC
    Celebrate Wine: Jan. 31, 2007
    IPNC stands for International Pinot Noir Celebration, which is scheduled for this July. But, that's not really what this is about - it's about the glass, man. Yup, the ol' wine glass is ge...

    American Wine Blog Awards Update: Almost Ready to Announce Finalists
    Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog: Jan. 31, 2007
    We are only a few days away from announcing the finalists in each of the seven American Wine Blog Awards categories. I'm thinking early next week at the latest. The judges have all informed me that th...

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